A lawn is just as important as the house structure itself. A well maintained lawn would attract the right kind of energy to your house. It would also make you happy as you look at your lawn bursting with life. You don’t have to worry of snakes in the bushes, and you’ll find that a lawn looking picture perfect would not just increase your self- esteem but also find your personally sanctuary.  

If you are thinking of getting your lawn in shape you might want to click on the link www.aiolandscaping.com to find the perfect service that will feet your lawn needs. Here are some tips to making your lawn look picture perfect or the millenials like to say instagramable.  



It is already established that you already have a lawn thanks to the help of lawn companies. How do you maintain the look though. Water, water your lawn not always but heavily. The best time to water your lawn would be early morning or late evening. What this do is prevent losing the water due to evaporation.   


It is important that you mow your lawn because it’ll defeat the purpose of landscaping your lawn. Also take note it is important to mow your lawn at a high setting. This means that the height of the trimmed grass is still tall. Taller grass allows the beneficial microbes to grow. This also promote root growth which will add resistance to the grass. You can get rid of the grass clippings but you can also just leave it there to allow the nutrients to return to your lawn.   


It is important that you also choose the fertilizer for your lawn because your lawn will need. Nitrogen is the most important so make sure your fertilizer has nitrogen with the higher content. Also do not use numbers higher than 10 because your lawn could burn easily.  

When putting the lawn fertilizer make sure that you do not put it near water sources, flower gardens and vegetable gardens because this might cause pollution. Always protect yourself so put on gloves for your hands when hand spreading fertilizers in small tight areas or edges.   


Allow your lawn to breathe, so it is important if you aerate the soil. You can do this once a year and this will help your lawn to grow healthy. De-thatching and aeration fights compaction of the soil, thatch buildup and possible disease. So make an effort and do this. You don’t need to overturn your lawn once a year rather you can remove eight (8) plugs of soil per square foot. Remember to aerate the soil when it is dry but also wet enough that you can use the tines from the aerator without any problem.   

Caring for your lawn is absolutely nice. You see your hard work come into fruition and also enjoy a nice spring picnic with a well maintained lawn. Of course if you don’t have the time to care for your lawn, worry not there are professional landscape company that will help you keep the picturesque look of your lawn.